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Bonding Veneers.

Veneers made from resin are ideal for drastic, fast changes and more accessible prices.

Oral Harmony Carillas en Resina

Details on Bonding Veneers.

These types of veneers are ideal for smile designs and it is the dentist whom with his art elaborates each tooth by changing its shape, texture, color and size. It is a quick treatment since no intervention is required by a laboratory. It is a procedure that can take between 20 to 30 minutes per tooth.

Oral Harmony Carillas en Resina

Resin veneers have a useful life of 5 to 8 years and their main disadvantage is the change of color over time as it is a material that due to its composition allows the penetration of pigment derived from dark beverages or cigarettes. If the patient is a consumer of such products their color will be affected over time.

It is important to follow the dentists instructions for a successful procedure outcome.

Who qualifies for this procedure? Potential patients who have healthy teeth, no crowns or implants in the area where you want to place the veneer or patients who do not suffer from severe bruxism and have a functional bite.

Is shaving of the teeth necessary? Our professional team is focused on the conservation of the dental structure. If it is necessary to perform any shaving it is minimally invasive which may be needed to provide a better harmony for the teeth that are being restored.

In the cases where more shaving is required, it is recommended to have orthodontic treatment as the primary option.

What is involved with the process? These types procedures are performed directly in the dental office. Protocols are followed for the preparation of the teeth starting with molding the resin tooth by tooth. Light-curing this material changes the resin from a gel to solid state where finally the polishing process is performed to complete the process.


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