Oral Harmony Lentes Cerámicos - Carillas Porcelanas

Porcelain Veneers / Lumineers.

Currently dentistry has had a change where health and function continues to prevail but thanks to technology and scientific advances there is a new approach at the aesthetic level in order to give back self-confidence when speaking and smiling.

Oral Harmony Lentes Cerámicos - Carillas Porcelanas

Details on the Porcelain Veneers and Lumineers

Porcelain lenses or lumineers today are the top of cosmetic dentistry due to its perfection, brightness and behavior over time. These are thin sheets made of lithium disilicate which measure between 0.3 and 0.5 millimeters. They are permanently cemented on the front portion of the teeth, thus changing its shape, color, texture and size of the current tooth.

Oral Harmony Lentes Cerámicos - Carillas Porcelanas

The strong chemical bond between this material and the tooth creates a useful life that exceeds 15 years guaranteed. This provides excellent resistance to carry out day to day activities.

One of its main advantages is the duration of the color over the years. Regardless of whether the patient is a consumer of dark drinks or cigarettes, the color will always remain the same.

Thanks to its thinness this materials cementing process does not require any shaving or tooth wear, which is an optimal advantage since the patient will not have to alter his/her healthy teeth in most cases.

Who qualifies? Potential patients who have healthy teeth without crowns or implants in the area(s) where you want to place the veneer(s) and potential patients who do not suffer from severe bruxism and have a functional bite.

When would shaving of the teeth be necessary? When the patient has a tooth in an improper position or inadequate rotation it is required to shave the teeth to provide better symmetry and placement for the veneers. The wear on the teeth is minimally invasive. If more wear is required or several teeth are required under this same criteria, the ideal option is orthodontics.

How do I know how many teeth I need? If you want to a complete smile design you should include all the teeth that are down during the maximum expression of laughter.

How long is the process? It is a simple and painless process in most cases which starts with an evaluation that includes the planning and cleaning necessary to perform the treatment. Next facial, intraoral and extraoral photographs are taken and intraoral models are taken by means of impressions with which the Porcelain lenses will be made based on the patients current bite.


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After three days, the patient returns for measurements to see how the final result will look and after approval we proceed to cementing the veneers.

In cases that require modification of the aesthetics or adaptation of the veneers it must be done directly in the laboratory whihc adds one more day to the process.

The similarities between ceramic veneers and lumineers are they are made with the same material and have the same benefits.

Their process is very similar. The only great difference is that the ceramic veneers have a thickness higher than the ceramic lens or lumineer, therefore it is necessary to shave the tooth to perform installation which creates a more invasive treatment. These are used more in specific situations and are not as recommended for a conventional smile design due to the wear that must be made on the natural teeth.

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