Crowns / Bridges

These procedures are common for replacing lost or damaged teeth.


Crown and Bridge procedure details.

These are easy, fast and safe procedures that produce excellent results.

Ideal for patients who want to do everything in one trip where surgery is not an option.

If the patient has lost a tooth but the pillar is in optimal condition makes way for a successful procedure.

In these cases a peripheral shaving of both abutment teeth is performed and three crowns are permanently cemented. Two teeth aside the two pillared teeth and one in the middle of these two which will replace the lost tooth.

The number of abutment teeth may increase as absent teeth increase. After the cementing is complete the patient will be able to eat, talk and carry on his/her daily life as usual. This procedure is permanent and the patient will have no issues with possible movement or crowns falling out that have already cemented.

It is important to evaluate the state of the abutment teeth prior to the procedure to ensure they are in optimal condition to be used as bases for a section of crowns.

How do I know if my tooth pillar is optimal?

When the tooth has good bone support and has enough tooth structure that has no indications of pain after being shaved.

When the tooth has severe pain, endodontics must be performed before cementing the crowns. When the tooth has a large amount of structural loss it must be reconstructed with a specific material or with the installation of an intra-radicular post to have sufficient retentive structure to cement the crowns.

When the tooth does not have bone support it is first necessary to suggest periodontal therapy before using these teeth as pillars.

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