Oral Harmony Implantes Dentales

Dental Implants

The basic concept that must be understood when placing an implant is that the process must be an intimate union between the bone and the surface of the implant while subject to the forces of chewing.

Oral Harmony Implantes Dentales

Dental Implant Details

Excellent choice for patients that have lost a tooth and desire a permanent result when removable or dental bridges are not an option.

These surgical-type procedures are performed by means of a surgery which requires local anesthesia.

Oral Harmony Implantes Dentales

We should be clear that these procedures procedures may require two to three surgeries. Prior to placing the implant we must properly evaluate if there is enough bone. The implant is the screw that replaces the root of the tooth that has been lost and if it were placed where there is not enough bone it would increase the risk of implant failure due to lack of bone support.

It should be made clear that in some cases it may be necessary to perform bone grafting. After placing the implant and waiting the appropriate healing time we are able to place the crown.

The healing process of the bone graft and the implant is approximately 3 to 9 months.

How long in the implant treatment process? This depends on a few factors. In the cases where it is necessary to place bone grafts - 9 months, in cases where it is not necessary to place a bone graft the process takes 3 to 5 months.

How long do the implants last? After there is bone adherence (osseointegration) between the implant and the bone, it can last a lifetime.

What material are the implants made of? Titanium.

Can an implant be fall out or become dislodged? At Oral Harmony we use reliable and safe technique; however, infectious and inflammatory complications can occur. These issues can become very frequent due to lack of self-care and supervision by the dentist.

What are diseases associated with implants? Alterations can occur in the tissues responsible for supporting the implant (gum and bone).

Here are two examples:


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1 - Mucositis: Inflammation of the gum that surrounds the implant.

2 - Peri-implantitis: Inflammation of the gum surrounding the implant and loss of the bone that supports it.

Because implants are surrounded by gum and bone they are exposed to the same conditions as natural teeth. They can be attacked by bacteria found in the oral cavity.

Bacteria can invade the groove that forms between the gum and the implant and cause inflammation.

Recommendations after implant placement:

1. Visit the dentist every three months for revision and maintenance of the implants.

2. Brush properly and use dental floss.

3. Brush the implant as you would a natural tooth (2 to 3 times per day).

4. Contact the dentist for any discomfort related to the implant (bleeding, pain, changes in the gums, discharge of pus, mobility or discomfort).

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