Oral Harmony Ortodoncia Invisible

Invisible Orthodontics.

An ideal treatment for patients who have already had orthodontic treatment, which over the years may have twisted some teeth and the patient does not want to use conventional braces again. This treatment is also indicated for patients with mild to moderate abnormal dental positions.

Oral Harmony Ortodoncia Invisible

Details about Invisible Orthodontics

Dental movement with aligners is an aesthetic alternative to traditional orthodontics without the need to use braces in cases with mild to moderate misplacement teeth.

They are completely aesthetic and comfortable trays that are changed every 2 to 3 weeks. The patient should use them at all times, day and night. The trays can be removed to eat and brush teeth.

Oral Harmony Ortodoncia Invisible

The success of the treatment will depend on the cooperation of the patient and following the treatment instructions.

Who qualifies as a patient for invisible aligners? For patients that have already had orthodontic treatment and may still have some teeth that are not positioned correctly. This treatment is also indicated for patients with mild to moderate issues with dental positions who want to correct the position of one or several teeth in a timely manner.

What diagnostics do I need to start treatment with clear aligners? You need 1 panoramic x-ray, 1 lateral cephalic x-ray, photographic review and 3D models of your teeth.

Where can I take these images and diagnostics? At a shopping center in the city near our dental office.

How many aligners do I need? It depends on your particular case. After analyzing your diagnostics and images, 3D digital planning of your case is made where we will explain how many steps your treatment requires.

How often should I change the aligners? Every 2 to 3 weeks. The aligner that has already fulfilled its function will be easy to place and must be changed to the next aligner based on the treatment regimen.

How are the aligners used? The patient must use the aligners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The success of the treatment will depend on the constant use of the trays.

What about eating and brushing my teeth? The aligners are removed when eating, flossing and brushing teeth.

What is stripping? Small amounts of wear on the sides of the teeth with special sandpaper. It is a procedure widely used in orthodontics to generate the space needed to align the teeth. Generally 0.2 to 0.5 mm.


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What are attachments? They are small resin bumps attached to the teeth at the beginning of the treatment to assist with the movement of the aligner. They are completely aesthetic and almost imperceivable. These are used only during orthodontic treatment with the aligners and at the end of the last stage they are removed leaving the teeth completely normal.

How many days should I be in Colombia on each trip? On the first trip you must stay a minimum of 8 days to perform your diagnostics and have your images taken, create the 3D digital predetermination of your case, print the aligners and attach any attachments if necessary.

On the second trip you must stay 2 days for the final review of the case, remove the attachments if they have been used and prepare/deliver the final retainers.

How many trips to Colombia are necessary? 2 trips.

Should I use retainers at the end of treatment? Yes, to maintain the results you must use retainers.

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