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Dr. Sebastian Cardona - Dentist Medellin Colombia

Dr. Sebastian Cardona

Hola, my name is Doctor Sebastian Cardona, Head Dentist at Oral Harmony and specialist in aesthetic/cosmetic dentistry. My main passion is changing lives with smiles. Giving back the security and self-esteem to my patients is priceless.

Areas of Expertise: Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Sandra Castaño - Cosmetic Dentist Medellin Colombia

Dr. Sandra Castaño

Hola, I am Doctor Sandra Castaño, specialist in dental aesthetics and I see my work as the best hobby in the world since there is nothing that makes me happier than seeing the smile of our patients.

Areas of Expertise: Aesthetic Dentistry

Dental Hygienist Yurany Valencia - Medellin Colombia

Dental Hygienist Yurany Valencia

Hola, my name is Yurany Valencia, dental hygienist and dental assistant here at Oral Harmony. I am the right hand of the doctors to help them with all their procedures. Seeing how each patient returns to their country with a beautiful smile makes me happy!

Areas of Expertise: Oral Hygiene, Dental Care

Dr. Rubiel Marin - Periodontist Medellin Colombia

Dr. Rubiel Marin

Hola, I am Doctor Rubiel Marin, specialist in Periodontics. Through dental surgery I love to give back to people their quality of life and aesthetic appearance.

Areas of Expertise: Periodontics, Oral Surgery

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