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Also known as "Smile Design"...It is a series of treatments that lead to the improvement and perfection of a patients current smile. At Oral Harmony when we talk about Smile Makeovers we emphasize not only the dental area but also the appearance of the gums.

Smile Makeover Oral Harmony

Oral Harmony Smile Makeover Details

With this type of procedure the health and function of the patient are priority since this is the basis to guarantee the longevity of any type of treatment. The patients bite and alignment must be taken into account since this is also a very important factor when performing aesthetic treatments.

Smile Makeover Oral Harmony

In the present patients must be very careful with the aesthetic management that many dentists can offer since it is the treating doctor that has total knowledge of the patients dental history for rehabilitation and if he or she ignores the previous steps the probability of failure will increase considerably.

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The parameters that we take into account at Oral Harmony when evaluating the possibility of a Smile Makeover are the following:

1. The teeth must have sufficient tooth structure. This means that there should be no severe fractures in any of the teeth involved in the smile design. If this occurs, a prior assessment of the fracture must be made to determine how it can be resolved.

2. No missing teeth. In cases where the patients have missing teeth it is necessary to first look for a treatment to rehabilitate the empty space and/or recover the lost tooth. This could involve an implant or by means of a fixed prosthesis or (bridge).

3. Good bone support. The support of the teeth is important to remember thanks to the amount of bone that surrounds the root. When the bone density has decreased in the direction of the root this implies that the tooth that has lost support and can start shifting. In this cases we look towards recovering the lost bone by means of oral surgery and bone grafts to prolong the life of that tooth.

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4. Adequate soft tissue/gum tissue. As we mentioned before a smile design is something that covers not only the dental portion but also the part of the gums and that is why you can not forget this important aspect. It is common to see in humanity that there are some people who show more of there gums than others when it comes to smiling and laughing. With many patients it is necessary to first perform a surgery to contour or lift the gums to improve the aesthetics and also the health of the soft tissues.

5. Uniform color. The smile makeover is made by installing micro thin porcelain veneers on the front of the teeth which change their color, shape, texture and size. Since the veneers are so thin there is a possibility of the color of the natural tooth behind them showing reflecting through the veneer. This is why it is important to ensure that all teeth are the same color before cementing

because if there is one tooth or several teeth with different color tones you may notice some teeth with a different color than others once the procedure is complete. The color uniformity can be achieved by whitening or bleaching the teeth prior to the cementing portion of the procedure.

6. Adequate bite. Before evaluating the aesthetics of the patient the bite should be evaluated. This is one of the main pre-procedure steps before placing ceramic or porcelain veneers. If the professional determines that the patient's bite is inadequate the ideal options is to first use orthodontics (braces or Invisalign) in order to correct the problem.

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