Teeth Whitening.

The term emphasizes the brightness and color of the teeth thus removing the pigments left behind from dark drinks or a patients diet.


Thanks to the photoactivation of a gel which is placed on the teeth. It is a safe treatment which can produce sensitivity during its process but without any damage to the tooth.

In Oral Harmony you will find two types of whitening:

Laser Whitening

It is a procedure which is done directly in the office and performed by a professional. There are no contraindications and no heating of the teeth which could cause damage to the nerve. The procedure is painless however in some cases patients may experience a small amount of sensitivity during or following the procedure. This sensation lasts for a couple of hours and can be resolved by taking analgesic medication.

Whitening Trays

This whitening procedure is performed by means of a chemical which is dispensed in trays that are exact molds of your teeth. This whitening is done at home under instructions from your dentist.

Care and Management:

This treatment includes soft trays that are made based on the current impression of the patients teeth which must be used with a chemical called carbamide peroxide for approximately 3 to 4 weeks.


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Usage Instructions:

- Brush your teeth thoroughly and use dental floss before using the trays.
- Place drop of chemical agent for each tooth on the soft tray.
- Place them in your mouth for 4 hours.
- Remove the tray and wash with plenty of water.

What kind of care is needed during my whitening?

Avoid the consumption of dark beverages during the whitening process due to permeability of the dental enamel. These pigments may penetrate the enamel leaving dark spots or stains.

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