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A smile design, also known as a smile makeover, is a personalized aesthetic transformation process that takes into account the individual expectations and needs of each patient.

This comprehensive approach aims to achieve a harmonious and balanced smile that perfectly complements the patient’s face.

During the smile design, a variety of dental treatments may be used, such as dental veneers, dental implants, crowns, orthodontics, and gum contouring, among others. These treatments are carefully selected to address each patient’s specific aesthetic concerns, such as stains, misaligned teeth, gaps between teeth, dental wear, or irregular gums.

The ultimate goal is to create a smile that reflects the natural beauty and unique personality of each individual. Throughout the smile design process, factors like skin tone, face shape, smile line, and facial symmetry are considered to achieve harmonious and balanced aesthetic results.

Our highly trained and experienced team works closely with each patient to understand their desires and expectations. Through a personalized approach, we offer treatment options that suit their individual needs and provide a comfortable and satisfying experience.

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This will be approximately 2 hours.

This appointment will include the following: Consultation, examination and treatment plan, Photographs of your smile, preparation of your teeth (if needed), scanning, measurements and color selection for your new veneers.

If you require crowns, you will leave this appointment with temporary restorations in place that will help us protect your natural teeth. Your temporary teeth will be custom designed so as not to cause you discomfort during this stage of treatment. You can function as you would normally, with a little extra caution when eating or chewing food.

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This appointment will be approximately 2 to 3 days later. This appointment will include the removal of your temporary teeth (if you have them) and the measurement and placement of your new permanent dental work (porcelain veneers – porcelain crowns).

You will probably leave our office that day with your new smile. If you need to make any color, shape or size modifications, it may take a few more hours or up to a day longer. It is important that at the time of the measurement of your veneers you report any non-conformities and suggest any changes you would like, since porcelain can only be modified prior to final cementation. That is why it is very important that you take the time to look at your veneers in detail before the final cementation.

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Your last post-operative appointment will be the following day.

This appointment is extremely important and is where we will apply the final touches and adjustments needed to your bite. Final photographs are also taken for our records.

You will have one more post-operative appointment if necessary which is included in your fee. If your case involves implants, there will be a phase II portion of your treatment that will take place approximately 4-6 months after your implants have been placed.

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Cemented veneers are the reflection of a work of art made on each tooth.

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Patients in the United States have our stamp on their smiles.

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